Thursday, March 1, 2007

Letter from the Editor

Hello all, and welcome to the new (and hopefully improved) Estella's Revenge! I am tickled to report that the response to our shift from a broad humanities publication to a book-centric 'zine has been overwhelmingly positive. The submissions are flying in, creativity is high, and the new format is MUCH easier to maintain thus allowing Heather and myself to stay on top of things. This first issue is an exciting one, and we have plenty of variety for you: snazzy stuffs, reviews, feature essays, and columns. In addition, the monthly "Letter from the Editor" will serve two major purposes: to inform you of the goings-on here and as a table of contents.

You may notice that we decided to maintain some of our old features: the links list from our previous site which includes a variety of links to online shopping, artists, and other tidbits of interest. We also have sidebar links to our discussion forum and the Estella's Revenge MySpace page (also featuring a clickable table of contents if you'd like to browse the 'zine from MySpace), and you will find current calls for submissions as well as our contact information on the sidebar in case you would like to ask us a question or submit your work.

We also have some new goodies for you including direct links to the individual writers' and editors' blogs. We are also very excited to give you the Estella's Revenge Store with direct links to books mentioned in the current issue. This store is part of the Amazon Associates program which--based on your clicks and purchases--will provide Estella's Revenge with some much needed cash to pay for web space, shipping of review materials, and hopefully pay our writers a little something in the future.

All of the writers involved with the 'zine deserve a rousing round of applause, and I have to give a huuuuge thank you to Assistant Editor/Technological Guru Heather. While she adamantly insists that I do the "Letter from the Editor" every month, she is perhaps more active behind the scenes than anyone. Without her, this place would fall apart.

Without further ado, I give you the March 2007 issue of Estella's Revenge!



Table of Contents




Bookish Goodies and Goings-on:

Keep in mind that there are a couple of ways to view the site. Not all of the month's posts will fit on the front page, so click on "March 2007" in the archives section of the sidebar to view the entire month's issue, or you can jump straight to the pieces from this Table of Contents or by category on the sidebar.

Addendum: There are a few glitches we're finding today to be worked out (the weird symbols showing up in some of the pieces as a result of copying/pasting from a wordprocessing program that shall remain nameless). Please don't hesitate to let us know if you find something and we'll clear it up ASAP.


Kristy said...

GREAT to see y'all back up!

Estella said...

Thanks, Kristy!!