Friday, June 1, 2007

Letter from the Editor, June 2007

Everyone talks about those proverbial "beach reads," and while I think it a positively alluring idea, I can't say that I have the attention span or gumption to actually read on the beach; there is always hot sun glaring off my pages, sand working its way into my crevices (books and body), and who can concentrate with scantily clad beach bums about?

However, in the spirit of summer reading, June's theme is "heat." I was particularly pleased with the writers' interesting takes on the theme this month. We have pieces on sports, lesbian fiction, independent publishing and a hot Book Tour of my favorite city--Wilmington, North Carolina. Not to mention several pieces about the hottest authoress since Colin Firth's codpiece, none other than Jane Austen, a summer staple for readers everywhere.

Sit back, grab a cool glass of lemonade and usher in the summer with Estella's Revenge.

Happy reading!

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